Insights from #DIGTRA

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I’m attending #DIGTRA, the online digital transformation conference. Here are some quick insights that I have gained from the presentations.

On empathy

One of the common themes in the talks is connecting with people and understanding where they’re coming from, whether it is their age, or the way they see things. Use empathy to find commonality.

On adoption of new tools

From Alistair Heath at #DIGTRA: People are more likely to adopt new digital tools or ways of working when they help them to achieve their own goals faster or better. How does this apply to your own digital transformation? Let me know!

On digital fluency of leaders

From Milind Dabhole at #DIGTRA: Senior leaders gain digital fluency by learning what digital means for them, for example by managing digital risks and governance in digital workflows. How fluent are your leaders in digital transformation?

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