Book review: ‘Uit het transformatiemoeras’ (in Dutch)

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It’s nice to read a book that describes the results of my own work! Menno Lanting shares positive examples of digital transformation, including Philips (where I worked on the digital strategy) which is praised for having a clear vision for its digital transformation. How cool is that!

Uit het transformatiemoeras

It’s up to the company to determine the purpose of the digital transformation, and the challenge is to choose the right goal. Many companies choose a more familiar goal, what Lanting calls “becoming a faster caterpillar”, while the real transformation consists of “becoming a butterfly”, a new learning organisation that plays a strong role in the ecosystems of the future.

In the book ‘Uit het transformatiemoeras’ (which translates as ‘Out of the transformation morass’) Menno Lanting discusses the five failure factors of digital transformation. To what extent are these five factors unique for digital transformations, or the same as for other transformations?

You can read the answer to this question here in my book review.

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