Digital transformation doesn’t end at technology

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“Most organisations start their digital transformations with proofs of concept, and 80% of those go nowhere.” – Steve Hewitt at AI & Big Data Expo

The reason Steve gives is because they don’t start with the business value that the technology will create. If there is no clear value created, investing in the technology won’t create it.

I want to add a second reason: it’s not just where you start but also where you end your transformation.

Don’t end at investing in the technology, the AI & analytics team or the data warehouse. Keep going until you have completed the implementation that will capture the value you are looking to create.

Make sure you invest as much in change management as in installing technology and analytics. It’s the change in the business way of working that makes a successful transformation.

Don’t expect your data or IT specialists to do the change management as part of their projects – it’s a different discipline that requires people and process skills, not tech.

How satisfied are you with the value you are capturing from your digital and data transformations? Are you investing enough in change management?

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