2021 Year in review: Most popular posts

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This is the second annual round-up of most my popular blog posts, which were about strategy execution, digital transformation, weak signals and consulting. Read on to find which ones they were.

Most popular posts on LinkedIn

I wrote 38 posts on LinkedIn in 2021, covering strategy, execution, digital transformation and data science. Here are the posts that were read by the largest number of people:

#5 – On starting initiatives versus finishing them

Are you a starter or a finisher? Does it affect how you allocate work, follow it up, and support your team in getting things done? What does your team need from you as a leader?

Read this post on LinkedIn and on this website.

#4 – Not everything that counts can be counted

I came across this concept twice recently, and it got me thinking about KPIs. It’s good to know how you’re performing against your goals, but not everything is measured with a number.

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#3 – Digital transformation doesn’t end at technology

If there is no clear value created, investing in the technology won’t create it. I want to add a second reason: it’s not just where you start but also where you end your transformation.

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#2 – Top-down transformation comes after bottom-up

I want to share the story of the Philips digital strategy to illustrate a point that I have observed: A top-down transformation only gains momentum after bottom-up initiatives have reached their limits.

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#1 – 5 things I learned in 5 years of Veridia Consulting

Here are 5 things that I learned during this time: 1. When it comes to growing sales, active sales management matters more than which CRM you use. 2. …

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Most popular posts on this website

I added 29 posts to the website last year. Unlike last year’s round-up, this year I am only including the most popular posts that were published in 2021, not in earlier years. Here they are:

#5 – Book review of ‘Turning the Flywheel’

Collins’ ideas are not new or unique, but he creates unique metaphors to communicate them. This makes the book worth reading and gets you thinking about his ideas.

Read this post here.

#4 – Nine steps to success in digital transformation

When you are implementing a digital transformation, follow these nine steps to achieve success. Avoid the frustration of wasted efforts and limited results.

Read this post here.

#3 – Actionable growth strategy

Stop investing in no growth.

You can stop the stagnation by focusing on the right actions that get results.

Read this post here.

#2 – How to observe weak signals

The first time you experience a weak signal you won’t notice it. Simply because you had no idea that there was something to notice.

Read this post here.

#1 – Keep building your consulting pipeline

Here are the top 3 things that made a difference to building my business as a solo consultant. They might not be what you expect!

Read this post here.

Are your favourite posts on the list? What would you like to read more about? Let me know at nora@veridia.nl.

By the way, since last year’s round-up, I have added all the older posts that were previously only on LinkedIn to this website, in both English and Dutch. If you missed out them earlier, it’s now easy to find them all here.

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