My favourite test of a good strategy

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When you are updating your company strategy, how do you know if your new strategy is a good one?

There are many tests for good strategy, and this is my favourite one:

When a strategy is clear and purposeful, you can tell it as a good story.

Look at this (made-up) example: “We are going to sell more electric cars by providing quick replacement batteries at all petrol stations across the country.”

Why does this work? Here are five reasons:

  1. A story is simple – people understand it
  2. A story is short – people will listen to it
  3. A story has a point – people remember it
  4. A story makes sense – people believe it
  5. A story is inspiring – people will follow it

Being able to tell a strong story is a good test of a winning strategy. I’ll share my second-favourite test tomorrow. What is your favourite test of a good strategy?

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