Veridia Consulting supports business leaders in making and executing growth strategies that get results.

Growth Strategy


Stop investing in no growth.

Create an actionable growth strategy instead.

Focus on more actions that get results and fewer that don't.

Data science for CEOs


Use data strategically.

Integrate data into your growth vision.

Make data and AI work for you, not the other way around.

Success rate

For the past 15 years, I have worked with clients to create new strategies, improve their execution, and transform their organisations.


We have achieved success in 84% of our projects, creating a recommendation or transformation that has been approved, executed and achieved the desired results for the client.
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Mahesh Iyer CEO Growth Markets, Signify

Nora is outstanding in developing 3-5 year perspective and deriving the vital few strategies that businesses need to focus on.

Nora made a compelling strategy for us that enabled the business to focus on the execution and on achieving success.


My clients and colleagues talk about how they experienced working with me, and how I helped them to set direction, take action and get results.

About me

Nora Ghaoui

Nora Ghaoui

I have broad business experience and a deep interest in all aspects of business management. What drives me is making businesses achieve their growth ambition and improve their execution to become more successful.

In the past 20+ years, I have had roles as an R&D project manager, management consultant, head of business strategy and chief operating officer. I completed a PhD in chemical engineering at the University of Cambridge, and I have spent 5+ years at each of Unilever, McKinsey & Company and Philips.

I have been an independent consultant since 2016. My clients are businesses of all sizes from scale-up ventures to SMEs to multinationals. My sector experience is in consumer goods, technology, energy, lighting, telecom, financial services and industrial goods.

I am a member of the Advisory Board of Kweri, a data science company that provides data science experts and builds data pipelines for visualisation and modeling.

Set direction. Take action. Get results.