Here are testimonials from clients and colleagues about what it is like to work with me:

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Maaike Dekkers CEO Tech Bakery

Nora led our sales strategy process. She helped us to sharpen the business case for our product lines and made us – in a friendly way – make real choices that everyone supports.

She also helped us to define a process in which all departments (sales, marketing, consultants and service) are much more aligned and work towards a common goal. She led us towards a shared outcome that was a real result instead of just stopping at discussion.

Onno Lint CEO & co-founder of Morphotonics

Nora supported our bottom-up strategy formulation and execution plan through a small series of consistent, crisp and clear workshops. Given her broad background in strategy & operations, combined with her strong personal skills, working with Nora is a great pleasure.

Inspiring, open, friendly as well as directional and sharp on the stakeholders. The result is an SME-friendly overall strategy with concrete action plans derived from it. A smashing and timely result that we would not have achieved without Nora supporting us.

If you plan sharpening or (re)defining your business strategy and want to get to relevant actions in accordance with it, just hire Nora!

Mahesh Iyer CEO Growth Markets, Signify

Nora is outstanding in developing 3-5 year perspective and deriving the vital few strategies that businesses need to focus on.

Nora made a compelling strategy for us that enabled the business to focus on the execution and on achieving success.

Fabrizio Corradini Managing Director, Genuine Ventures

Whip-smart, high on stamina and displaying brilliant stakeholder management skills, Nora at all times maintained a strategic perspective throughout a sensitive process-improvement project.

The insights and recommendations she produced for the client were invariably thoughtful, grounded in sound analytics and action-oriented.

I would recommend her as a valuable advisor and business partner in any strategic transformation initiative.

Michele Volpi tal & dev Founder and CEO

We worked with Nora on commercial pipeline and CRM projects and we always found her as smart, driven and collaborative. While she was an external consultant we always considered her a part of our team and learnt a lot from her.

If you need a change agent, call her! She can definitely make a difference.

Samy Belemi Founding Partner, NewShores

I had the privilege to collaborate with Nora on a complex strategy project. I was impressed by her clarity of thought, and her ability to cut through complex issues and come out with clear, relevant and actionable recommendations.

I always appreciated her advice on how to approach difficult strategic challenges. I will without hesitation always recommend Nora to any company needing strategic expertise to improve its performance.

Jørgen Behrens Chief Product Officer, HERE Technologies

I worked with Nora on a complex and wide-ranging strategy project and was thoroughly impressed with her contribution and skills. She is able to grasp new concepts very quickly and can apply them to the situation.

She is excellent at extracting the essence of information and insights and presenting them in a way that is most meaningful and impactful to her audience. She has superb organisation skills and is able to make a team deliver within the time given.

I would work with her any day and recommend her wholeheartedly.

Daniele Pugliese Product Director, Whirlpool

Nora is a professional with remarkable analytical, intellectual and interpersonal skills. When managing her teams, she knows how to find the right balance between giving enough independence and find the time to guide her team members. When there is a problem, she is ready to step in and help.

I also want to point out the way she has been performing stakeholder management, always able to influence but sometimes also to disagree with leaders. With her leadership during the time we worked together, she definitely gained my trust and my respect!

Joette Gibson Product Marketing Manager, ZOLL Medical Corporation

Nora is very inspiring not only in the strategic plans she creates but also in the way that she elicits collaboration between cross-functional teams to dig out the truth in the business case.

For the Philips Light & Health team she was able to create a clear road map for explosive growth in the Medical Device Sector. She would be an asset for any company, and I would follow her to battle any time!

Anne-Marie Hendriks Manager, KPMG

Nora has been a great manager. She is very motivating, and more importantly she gave me the room and confidence to develop as a strategist.

Nora is very sharp and she is strong in translating complicated things into easy graspable material. I can highly recommend her as a manager, colleague, and friend!

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