Your business challenge


Your business has the potential to be bigger than it is today.  You have untapped markets and customer needs.

You're not sure which are the most attractive customers to target, or how to adapt your operations to serve them profitably.  

You want to grow your business and increase your profits.


Your business today cannot keep up with tomorrow's customers.

Digital competition is coming to reshape your market. Customers are becoming more demanding and looking for the newest solutions.  

You want to develop new capabilities to stay ahead of competition.


You have an idea for a new business, a unique technology or a technical capability.  Or you have too many of them.  

You have the technical skills but struggle to reach your customers and make a winning proposition.  

You want to turn your best idea into a successful business.

Our services

Market assessment

Get a clear view of where your market, your customers and your competitors are going. Where is your biggest digital opportunity?

Growth assessment

How big can your business grow? How much investment will it need? Does it fit your company portfolio?

Strategic objective

Clarify your strategic objective and make the strategic plan that works for you. How will you win with digital?

Digital transformation

Assess your current digital maturity, define how you want to become more digital and transform your company.

Strategy execution

Manage the execution of your strategic plan. Stay on track and get the results you aim for.

Sales management

Turn your CRM and sales data into business intelligence. Adjust your sales focus to close more deals.


Managing data science initiatives to get business results

Data science can be a valuable tool for solving business problems, but the companies that I work with make little use of data science methods. There is a sense that the discipline is a black box to be left to the experts. That is a missed opportunity for creating business value.

Data science initiatives need to be managed like other business improvement initiatives. This requires business leaders to engage with the topic of data science rather than treating it as a black box.

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About me

Photo: Yvette Wolterinck

Nora Ghaoui

I have fourteen years of experience as a management consultant, business strategist and operational leader.  I work with businesses of all sizes from ventures to multinationals. My experience is in consumer goods, technology, energy, lighting, telecom, financial services and industrial goods.

My passion is helping people and businesses become more successful. I believe that there are many opportunities for growth, and being clear about your capabilities, your objective and what it takes to get there is the key to success.

You can call me at +31 6 2392 9009 or email me at