Book review: ‘Naar een gezond groeibedrijf in vijf stappen’ (in Dutch)

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I have just reviewed a company growth book for beginners, ‘Naar een gezond groeibedrijf in vijf stappen’, which translates as ‘Towards a healthy growth company in five steps’. It’s a popular book on The book describes how you as a management team can ensure that your company grows in a healthy manner.

The five steps describe five areas of attention for managers, written in an action-oriented, jargon-free manner. Wouldn’t you agree that “explore the growth landscape” sounds better than “market research” and “discover the growth formula” better than “strategy” or “business model”?

Why do I call it a book for beginners? Because it doesn’t assume any prior experience in this area, and you can simply get started using it. It doesn’t talk about theory, but about practical lessons and examples.

My full review is available here.

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