Book review: ‘Turning the Flywheel’ (in Dutch)

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I recently reviewed ‘Turning the Flywheel’ by Jim Collins for Managementboek. It’s a short book that focuses on one element of ‘Good to Great’: how to achieve success with the right set of activities that reinforce each other.

Collins’ ideas are not new or unique, but he creates unique metaphors to communicate them. This makes the book worth reading and gets you thinking about his ideas. For example,do you have a good handle on the flywheel of your own organisation, and what does that mean for your growth plans?

The flywheel effect is a metaphor for the idea that you can achieve success by deploying a cycle of activities that build on and reinforce each other. This idea resembles the activity system maps devised by Michael Porter to visualise the elements that give an organisation its competitive edge. Collins’ metaphor is more direct and visual than Porter’s more abstract description.

You can read the rest of my review, in Dutch, here.

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