My PhD thesis is now online

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Things to do during lockdown: finally get around to putting your PhD thesis online! My thesis is now on open access at the Cambridge University thesis repository. You can find it here.

Previously, you had to go find one of the two physical copies stored in the University Library and the Department of Chemical Engineering Library. Now anyone can read it if they want to. I put it online in case it helps anyone doing their own research in this area.

For anyone who’s interested: What I developed in my thesis were methods for automatically measuring the contents of liquid samples while they were flowing through a pipe. I wrote pulse sequences that created a signal that was not affected by the flowing motion, and line-fitting algorithms to extract the information that I wanted.

For anyone who’s thinking: huh? It’s the opposite of the time-lapse images you see of stars moving across the sky. You want a static snapshot of something that is moving quickly, so you take the motion out to be able to see one star, then you analyse the image to measure the size of the star.

Clearly it’s a bit more techy than what I do these days, but it’s why I’m interested in how to get more value out of data and analytics.

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