Make your own digital transformation plan

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Step #2 for digital transformation success is planning how to get where you want to be. Your plan can only start from where you are now.

So beware of following a generic plan for transformation, for example as recommended by a consultant (yes, that would be people like me 😉).

Look at your capabilities today, and the capabilities you want to have. Figure out how to add to your existing strengths, rather than making a leap into a different market or service model.

For example, if your company is famous for personal customer service, then make your digital customer service with a personal touch. It would be jarring to your customers if you switched to standardised emails in the name of efficiency.

Or if you’re famous for high quality hand-designed products, then make digital tools that enable your team to make easier hand-designed products, rather than a catalogue of samey products.

A digital transformation is a way to take your company to the next level. Make your own plan that fits with the character of your company.

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