Don’t stop at WHY

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Simon Sinek says, “Start with WHY”. I’m here to tell you, “Don’t stop at WHY”. What do I mean by that?

Simon’s message is that when companies start by talking about WHAT, they are less persuasive than when they talk about WHY first. This is a very powerful marketing message, and it resonates with many of us.

However, the golden circle doesn’t stop there. The second ring in the circle is the HOW. The HOW is the part where people have to spell out how things get done so that they actually happen.

A WHY without a WHAT is a cause.

A WHY and WHAT without a HOW is an aspiration.

A WHY with a WHAT and a HOW is a plan.

Plans can be put into action, and actions get results. So start with WHY, but make sure you get to the HOW.

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