Seminar: ‘A data strategy for the future’

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Last week I presented a seminar on data strategy to a team working on shaping the future role of data in their organisation.

datastrategie Veridia Consulting
Een datastrategie voor de toekomst – Veridia Consulting

We discussed the different ways in which data can be used to create value, how to build a data-driven way of working into the organisation, and what the steps were in creating a data strategy.

It starts with knowing what you want to do with data, because there are so many possibilities to serve customers better, offer more services, run processes more efficiently, and so on.

Once you know what you want to do with data, then you can arrange the infrastructure, way of working and governance to match. They are the means to get things moving.

It’s a bit like having a car. Where do you want to go? Are you going on a day trip with the kids, driving to work on your own, or moving a large amount of stuff? Then you will want to have a family car, small city car, or a minivan.

It’s the same with the data infrastructure. That’s the car, and by deciding where you want it to go you determine what kind of car it should be.

If you want to know more about this topic or arrange this seminar for your own organisation, please get in touch.

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