Integrate your systems

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Step #6 in digital transformation sucess is to integrate your systems. It follows directly from step #5, transform the whole company. Once you have multiple data sources, they must come together in a “single source of truth”.

Ideally there would be no manual copying, pasting, re-entering data, nor keeping personal spreadsheets with more accurate information than the central database. This is easier said than done.

The reason people use spreadsheets is to get their work done! Keep usability in mind for both employees and customers. Be curious, and find out what bottlenecks are causing these workarounds.

Integrating systems is a task for your IT architect, to determine what your new application landscape will look like. As any architect will tell you, you need to have a good understanding of what the system needs to accomplish and what (new) processes it will enable.

When rolling out the new system, ensure sufficient training and user feedback so that users learn and adopt the new ways of working. Your measure of success is not technical – it’s behavioural: to what extent are the integrated systems being used and adding value to your employees and customers?

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