Transform the whole company

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Step #5 in digital transformation success is to transform the whole company. Your entire management team needs to support and implement the transformation because it cuts across all functions.

When you digitise one process, like customer service, it cannot run properly unless the processes that are connected to it are digital as well, like order management. Information handoffs cause delays, errors, and dissatisfied customers.

A siloed transformation will be hard to maintain in the long run, because your information and systems need to be connected and consistent. Reconciling conflicting information from different systems is a major headache that destroys value for your company, so avoid it as much as possible!

Digital transformation is high on many management team agendas right now. Managers are looking for robust processes that do not rely on physical handover of information.

Go beyond remote meetings and think about how you can digitise your core processes end to end. An added benefit will be lower costs and more satisfying work for your employees.

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