Your no-regret move to improve your business

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As a business leader, what’s your no-regret move in our current economy?

My conversations with CEOs suggest it’s to improve operational efficiency and cut operational costs.

Demand continues to grow in many sectors, so companies are not just looking at cost-cutting and survival, but also at scaling up capacity and offering more services in a cost-effective manner.

Where do you start? Take a good look at the eight wastes of Lean (DOWNTIME) and how to eliminate these in your processes: which activities can you eliminate, digitise, or simplify? Where can you stop waiting for input, copying information and checking data?

Some examples:

  • enabling online configuration for order intake,
  • redesigning the workflows in a CRM system to handle more orders without manual checks,
  • improving information available on the website to reduce calls to customer service agents.

As you streamline, make the changes to the processes match your desired value proposition and customer experience. If you’re known for simplicity, keep it simple. If you’re known for high quality, keep it good.

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