Build digital skills

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Step #8 in digital transformation success is to build new skills in digital processes and products. This means both training existing employees as well as hiring new employees. It’s not an either/or, and trying to develop digital skills with only one of the two groups will slow things down.

Why train existing employees? Because a company cannot do something that its employees can’t do. Making a transition to digital processes requires the employees to be able to use those processes. Selling digital products requires them to be able to understand them, market them, sell them, and provide customer support on them.

Why hire new employees? Digital skills are highly specialised, and the state of the art keeps changing. Web development, app development, UI design, data analytics, digital marketing – if existing employees have no experience in those areas, they won’t get them overnight.

For building digital capabilities, having existing and new employees working side by side will speed things up through cross-fertilisation. Existing employees can share the domain knowledge so digital experts can apply their skills to the relevant areas. New employees can share the digital expertise that teaches existing employees about the new way of working.

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