On cooking tools and building capabilities

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My cooking skills have improved over the past few years, aided by a well-equipped kitchen and some good cookbooks. Why am I talking about better cooking? Because it got me thinking about how the same thing applies to companies improving their execution.

Working with the right tools gets the job done quicker and better. But it doesn’t end there. Working with good tools also raises your ambition level.

If I can make a simple cake, can I also make a three-layered cheesecake with glazed fruit on top? And if it doesn’t work the first time, why don’t I just try again and tweak a few things? Great, now I have a delicious cake, and my mother wants to have the recipe.

So when you’re building a new capability inside your company, put some thought into having the right tools and instructions for employees how to use them. Give them training if they need it. Give them room to learn, grow their ambition level and do new things. Then ask them to teach others.

You will benefit from better cooking, ahem, execution, and happier customers.

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