Asking the right questions

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Is a leader the person who has the answers or the person who asks the questions? When you’re doing something new the answers aren’t always available. So to get them, you need to ask the right questions.

What’s the benefit of asking questions instead of making statements? Questions engage people’s minds and energies, so they get people involved and working together.

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What kinds of questions can you ask? That depends on your objective as a leader. Are you setting the strategic agenda for the future? Shaping a new solution to offer to your customers? Exploring a new market?

You can ask questions to start a dialogue with your team, set them in a particular direction, make them think, help them look for details, or give them new ideas.

In my work as a consultant, I often ask questions to deepen the level of detail: “What does that look like; can you describe it?” or “How does that work in practice?”

They’re useful for turning abstract concepts or new ideas into tangible solutions or options for new business.

After you ask the question you need to, of course, listen to the answer and continue the discussion with your team.

Need I add that the best questions are open questions?

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