Two ways to stay on top of priorities

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It’s easy to lose track of your priorities when things are moving quickly. You react to opportunities or problems, and before you know it a month has gone by and the things that really matter haven’t happened.

What to do about it? You have two options:

1) More rigid: Have you invested a lot of time and effort in initiatives that yielded few results or are unlikely to lead to a sustainable benefit? For example, targeting long-shot customers with low chance of sales simply because they came on your path.

Use your priorities to stop certain activities and put more effort on those that were neglected.

2) More flexible: Have you come across new opportunities that appear more promising than your current ones? For example, a new customer who could place a sizeable order but requires you to customise your product.

Revisit your priorities to decide if one of those should be dropped in favour of a new priority.

In these dynamic times things change quickly, so keeping your priorities up to date is a must. Are you discussing these regularly in your management team?

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