I work to make change happen.  For the past 15 years, I have worked with clients to create new strategies, improve their execution, and transform their organisations. My clients are ambitious to grow and change their company, set a new direction and get moving. Have we succeeded?

Let’s have a look at the data. Here is an overview of the topics we worked on and the results we achieved. These statistics are based on 49 projects between 2005 and 2020. 


My time has been split 40/40/20 across three areas: strategy, execution, and transformation. 


Strategy and transformation consist of creating growth and transformation plans, while execution consists of operational management and performance improvement.  A more detailed time split is in this chart:


Success rate

Success for a project is a recommendation or transformation that has been approved, executed and achieved the desired results for the client.  Success is not achieved by me alone, but by what my clients have been able to do.

Success rate

The overall success rate is 84% of projects – that’s a great number of tangible results!

No success means that the recommendation was not adopted or the proposed transformation did not go ahead.  In those cases, the client chose a different path, or their circumstances changed their priorities.


My experience has mostly been in B2B/B2C technology companies, for example at Philips in lighting, consumer electronics and medical devices, and at Airborne Oil & Gas in the oil industry.  Other industries in which I have worked with clients include perimeter security, electric power, financial services, and telecoms.




For strategy projects, clients asked for support to create and communicate strategic plans:

  • Growth plans to accelerate or turn around existing businesses
  • Market entry plans for ventures, new innovations, and expansion into adjacent markets
  • Business pitches for IPO, divestment or venture funding
  • Digital strategies for new digital products and business models

The results that we have achieved by executing these strategies include:

  • Growing a lighting component business and making it profitable
  • Finding a new market and owner for a speciality factory to keep it open
  • Securing funding for the growth of an oil pipeline business
  • Shifting an electronics company’s main products to digital healthcare platforms


For execution projects, clients asked for support to improve operations and get things done:

  • Improving operational execution using Lean capabilities
  • Designing and implementing performance management systems
  • Managing strategy deployment using goal setting and KPIs
  • Managing daily operations

The results that we have achieved include:

  • Reducing call handling time at the customer service centre of an energy company
  • Setting up sales pipeline reporting and management in perimeter security
  • Cascading goals and KPIs across the entire organisation for determining annual bonuses in electronics
  • Improving on-time delivery of commercial projects for oil pipelines


For transformation projects, clients asked for support to design the future state and how to get there:

  • Redefining business processes to increase efficiency
  • Redesigning organisation structures to support new growth plans
  • Scaling up capacity to enable company growth
  • Defining the digital transformation to deliver new digital services to customers

The results that we have achieved include:

  • Implementation of new business intelligence function in foods
  • Reorganisation of finance function to support international relocation of energy trading desk
  • Scaling up production capacity for oil pipelines
  • Approved investment in digital transformation with new IT infrastructure

Location and language

I am based in the Netherlands and have worked mostly in the Benelux and the UK. 

I work with multi-national companies, so two-thirds of my projects have been in English, with the rest in Dutch or bilingual.


So there you have it – a picture of what the past 15 years have looked like.  If you would like to know what it’s like to work with me, please read the testimonials of my clients and colleagues.

If you would like to explore how we could work together to get results for your strategy, execution or transformation, please get in touch.

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